Topical dutasteride for hair loss. Does it work?

To have and to have not.   If you are experiencing hair loss, you’ll know that hair is more than something that sits atop your head. Hair holds enormous emotional significance and is an important expression of identity and individuality.   Along with the eyes and smile, psychological studies have shown that hair is one […]

Oral Minoxidil for Hair Loss: Your FAQs Answered.

Oral Minoxidil for hair loss: your FAQs answered.   Introduction Minoxidil is a widely used and effective hair loss treatment. Typically applied to the scalp as a foam or liquid, some patients find it difficult to use in this form or can be bothered by side effects such as brittle, matted hair texture and scalp […]

RU-58841 , safer alternative to finasteride?

Introduction Are you battling with hair loss and searching for a novel solution that has genuine results? Perhaps you have tried various treatments and products but have yet to notice any substantial improvement. If so, you may have heard of the cryptically named RU-58841. Is this a promising new treatment suitable for you? What even […]