Topical Minoxidil with Finasteride (II)

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Introducing our fully customizable 3 in 1 solution – topical minoxidil with finasteride and dutasteride. With 6% minoxidil and 0.1% each of finasteride and dutasteride, it requires only once a day application to maximize hair regrowth while minimizing side effects. Try it now!


A convenient 2 in 1 solution.

6% minoxidil with 0.3% finasteride.

Only requires once a day application.

Maximize hair regrowth while minimizing side effects

$19 per month first two months (Promotion)

$39 per month (regular price)

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Free follow-up care

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Active Ingredients

Finasteride: 0.3%

Minoxidil: 6%

Product information


How does it work

minoxidil and finsteride

Frequently asked questions

When should I take the oral minoxidil?

You can take it at any time of a day, half an hour before a meal. But it is recommended to take it around the same each day. 

Can I use a sprayer head to apply the topical minoxidil and finasteride solution?

Our topical products come with droppers. It is recommended to use the included dropper to apply the topical solution on to the scalp because it allows more accurate delivery to the target area, and it less likely to waste the product on the hair compared to sprayer application.
However, you can use a sprayer to apply the solution if you prefer to do so.

How soon can I hair regrowth?

Hair grows slowly. Although some people may see in one month, most people will need 3-6 months or even longer to see hair regrowth.

Why do I have increased hair loss after using your product for a few weeks?

When the hair growth product works, it stimulates hair follicles, causing the hair to enter into anagen or growth phase. As the hair follicles adjust to the new growth phase, they may temporarily shed the existing hair. This can lead to a sudden and noticeable increase in hair loss (shedding), which can be alarming for those who are using the medication.

Fortunately, shedding is usually a temporary phase that lasts for a few weeks to a few months. The hair follicles then adjust to the new growth phase, and new hair growth may begin.

It’s important to note that not everyone who responds the product positively will experience shedding, and the extent and duration of shedding can vary from person to person.

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